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We are proud to be working with charities Pension Rights Center and FERHA, the Foundation for the Education and Rebirth of Haiti.  Our media sponsors are The National Journal and WMAL Radio.  Our online sponsor is Facebook.

  • Our emcee is Matt Cooper of The National Journal.
  • Our Headliner will be Dan Nainan.
  • Judges include Patrick Gavin of Politico; Geoff Tracy, Owner of Chef Geoff’s Restaurant; Greg Poole,  Comedian; Matt Weber, Owner of Baltimore Comedy Factory; and Larry O’Connor, WMAL.

Lifetime Achievement Award to comedian Brett Leake, a regular on the Tonight Show

Celebrities scheduled to appear include:

  • Josh Gotbaum, Pension Guru  (just added!)
  • Michele Jones, Retired Commander Sgt. US Army (just added!)
  • Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune
  • Ralph Nader
  • Grover Norquist
  • Heather Higgins, Independent Women’s Forum
  • James Lucier, President of Capital Alpha
  • Jamie Weinstein, returning champion
  • Jamie McIntyre of NPR
  • Elahe Izadi of the National Journal

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